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Experience You Can Count On

Our  Consultants  come from professional backgrounds and will help engage with you in a meaningful manner to help you  full fill with your requirements.  

Mission statements – 

Build long lasting relationships by delivering on our promises. 

Company policies – Kindness and respect is a currency that is loved and appreciated by all and  we strive to be kind and respectful in all that we do to  for our customers. 

Executive profiles -  

The director , Rahat Ali, has over 20 years experience in senior professional roles within central government in UK, NGOs, health and the private sector. 

Rahat is an entrepreneur, serial networker, Investor and has a passion to serve Humanity. 

Over the last decade, Rahat has successfully secured millions of pounds for humanitarian response projects across the globe on a voluntarily basis.  He is now focused his energy on helping combat COVD-19 utilising his credibly and rapport built over decades. 

Rahat is well respected in the local community and sits on various boards  within companies. He is a regular representative for the UK at various  international Expos

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Our Partners only deal with manufactures that provide certified equipment. we have a huge variety of products  and deal with  our trusted manufactures directly so can scale to your  needs. 

Our process are simple and swift , our sellers have successfully delivered to multiple government buyers on major orders since the outbreak.